ALCA Staff

Our Staff is honored that you entrust us with the education of your children.

We strive to bring excellence into the classroom through our

teaching, love, and support of your children. 

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Pastor Sindler.png

Pastor John Sindler


Pastor Sindler founded our school in 1997, and has been an integral part of ALCA from day one!

Sara Vojtasek


Sara has worked with the children of Abundant Life Church for 27 years, as the Director of Children's Ministries.  She has also been involved with ALCA as a classroom supervisor, a music teacher, and as the current administrator. 

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Christin Dircks

4K Teacher

Christin works with our 4-year-old kindergarten, giving them an introduction to school in a fun and exciting environment. 

Michelle Goebel

Grade 5K - Grade 2

Michelle has worked with the children of Abundant Life Church for many years.  She is currently the church's Girl's Club Director and works with Bible Quizzing. This will be her 3rd year at ALCA, as our Primary Learning Center Teacher.

With reading groups and personal instruction, she makes the first years of school an exciting experience.  

Michelle has an A.A.S. in Data Processing and also an A.S. in Biblical Studies.

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Grace Sadler

Grade 3 - Grade 8

Grace and her husband are the youth directors at Abundant Life Church.  This is her 3rd year at ALCA as the Lower Learning Center Teacher. 

(Currently, Middle School grades are combined in her classroom, but that is subject to change.) 

She is all about making the every day classroom a fun experience, while learning to work independently and efficiently.

Grace has an A.O.S. in Culinary Management

Rachel Goebel

Grade 9 - Grade 12

Rachel is a musician and over the media department at Abundant Life Church.

She takes her job seriously, knowing that High School is an important preface to adulthood.

The 2022-2023 school year, will be her 2nd year in the Upper Learning Center.

Rachel has a B.A in English Linguistics and is a Certified TEFL Instructor

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ALCA Board

Board President - Pastor John Sindler

Board Secretary/Treasurer - Delaine Acker

Board Member - Montana Birt

Board Member - Mason Brown

Board Member - Travis Vojtasek

Principal - Pastor John Sindler

Administrator - Sara Vojtasek